Previous Collections

Previous Collections

Custom orders may be available for reproductions of items that have been previously released (in the same or different fabric, depending on availability or your liking).

The collections below do not include OOAK and limited items, such as the ones made for conventions’ salesrooms, and items made between November 2010 and November 2017 (some of those can be found on Etsy).

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December 2023 – The Light that Falls Among the Trees


December 2022 – Wildflower


November 2021 – Old Friends


November 2020 – 10th Anniversary


June 2020 – Hello Sunshine!


March 2020 – Mint and Chocolate


December 2019 – New Winter Colors


June 2019 – Romantic Casual


April 2019 – Candy Spring


Janyary 2019 – A Red and Blue Story


November 2018 – The leaves that are green turn to brown


August 2018 – Summer time sadness


May 2018


March 2018


November 2017