Body Charts + Tips&Tricks


Wondering if a certain outfit will fit your doll? This may help!

Below you will find the bodies I use more frequently, as well as the names I use to refer to them.


The bodies above do not match your doll? Here’s some extra info:

MOMOKO: Pullip, 27cm Obitsu S, J-Doll, Kurhn, Licca Castle – If you are looking to buy clothes for these dolls, you may be happy to know that most items from the Momoko section will fit them, particularly dresses and blouses. Shorts in this section will also fit Pullip and 27cm Obitsus. Pants will only fit Pullip.

POPPY PARKER: Dynamite Gilrs – All clothes in the Poppy Parker section will also fit Integrity Toys’ Dynamite Girls and you may even see some of the items modeled by my DG Holland!

BARBIE: Some dresses in this section will also fit classic Silkstone Barbie dolls and, sometimes, Fashionista bodies. Contact me if you’d like to know if a certain dress will fit, so I can try it on my dolls and show you!

MADE TO MOVE: This section includes items made for the original Made to Move Barbie body, not the curvy one. The shorts in this category may fit Barbie Fashionista as well; feel free to contact me if you’re on the fence and would like to see how they look!

Other bodies I own: Neo Blythe, 27cm Obitsu M, 23cm Obitsu S, Pure Neemo M, Pure Neemo S, Pure Neemo XS (Ruruko).

TIPS & TRICKS [more updates soon]

If you’re a doll enthusiast, you know how challenging this small plastic world can be sometimes! Below, you can find a few tips and tricks to make the most out of your dolly days.

Hands stuck in seams?

I love Barbie but being unable to remove their hands (except for Made to Move dolls and even those are tricky) creates those oh-so-dreaded situations in which their fingers get stuck in the sleeve seams. They are not easy to untangle and, sometimes, can ruin a dress. A few months ago, a client told me, in a review, that the dress may require “taping the dolls hands”. This never occurred to me me and that is why I love this community!

Taking this idea, I decided to make something that can always be at hand and ready to be used: plastic tubes! You just need to cut a corner of a plastic bag, wide enough to fit your doll’s hands, and either tape the open side or heat it with a lighter and press, so it melts together. Make sure the plastic you choose is not too soft or the fingers will make holes in it. Then you just need to slide the plastic tube on, put on the clothes and slide it off! If you try this, let me know if it worked for you and how helpful it was 🙂