About SquishTish

About SquishTish

About SquishTish

A passion for dolls and fabric

Hi, my name is Joana and I live in the north of Portugal!

I remember having dolls with me through most of my life.

And I remember loving to make clothes for them with some left over fabric my grandmother gave me.
When sewing for dolls became my greatest pleasure and the best hours in my day, I decided to share it with other doll lovers, back in 2010, through Etsy.

Now, I put all my love and effort on creating doll garments inspired not only by the fabric itself but also by people-sized fashion – from vintage looks, to statement and basic pieces as well as some Lolita fashions for 1/6 dolls.

You’ll find me using some rare or vintage fabric to create very limited editions or one of a kind pieces. I think unique dolls deserve their own unique wardrobe!

Behind the scenes

I’m self-taught, I design my own patterns and every day is a learning experience. 

Designing, cutting, sewing, photographing and packing: it’s a one-girl-show, combined with taking care of my little daughter.

I cannot stress how important all of you have been throughout the years, supporting my work, sharing it with friends and followers, suggesting designs and ideas that you like and that delight other dolls collectors as well!

Thank you for being there <3


About SquishTish